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Rock The Real Time Profit In Nigeria Telecom And Mobile Marketing Services

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EXPOSED!! For The 1st Time
"DEEP-Most Jealously Guarded Secrets Of The Mobile Marketing Industry Of All Ages..."


This Certainly Will Position You On The Mobile Marketing FastTrack To Profit.


    Don't Be Deceived Again!


 I Will Deliberately Show You In Step By Steps;



==> How to set up a premium caller tune at N0.00 while you charge N75,000 for it and pocket the whole cash


==> How to set up a premium shortcode for only N7,000 or less While you charge N80k +


==> How to set up a Shortcode SMS Betting system...and Many More!



Having enjoyed the huge cash that comes from this business I've decided to let just 10 people grab their own share of the mobile boom. Because they say 'show me is always better than tell me' here are the kind of shortcodes you will be setting up as we do for an enviable amount without you doing anything serious;


==>Keyword: BACKPAIN, Tariff : N50, shortcode: 33810


==>Keyword: LOVE, Tariff : N100, shortcode: 35815


==>Shortcode: 32810, Tariff: N30, Keyword: update


==>Shortcode: 33810, Tariff: N50, Keyword: JOB


==>Shortcode: 35815, Tariff: N100, Keyword: Okay


==>Shortcode: 35815, Tariff: N100, Keyword: quiz


==>Shortcode: 35815, Tariff: N100, Keyword: money


==>Keyword: HIRE,Tariff: 100NGN, Shortcode: 35815


My shortcode customers pay me N80k to set up their business whereas the real amount I use in setting up this shortcodes is less than N7k...


I know this offer will DEFINITELY surprise my existing customers and those who have setup shortcodes business...but then they've also made good money from this lucrative business.


Talk of callertunes, this is really fabulous. I set up caller tune at N0.00. I don't use a single kobo to set it up YET my clients joyfully pay me N50,000 for a set up.


For SMS PORTAL SET UP? I've setup over 150 SMS Portals this year alone and still counting...with each paying N15,000 and above for the set up. See some of them at www.mobilemarketingforts.com.


 Think About This Fact


 "Can You See Yourself A Millionaire Mobile Marketer Working Effortlessly From Home On A Part-Time Basis?"


"Give me just 15 minutes let me prove to you beyond every reasonable doubt that YOU can have a millionaire's lifestyle. I've shown dozens of people how to do stuff and they are really making it big time to the extent that they call me


'Mr Matthew'


"Honestly...it's EASY when you know at least one of the DEEP secret…"


Dear Friend, Am about to hand over to you a secret that will make you a minimum of N250,000 monthly providing the following highly profitable mobile marketing services: Shortcode, caller tunes, smart numbers, mobile website, Mobile Apps and lot more!


Who Is This OFFER For?


It's Strictly Meant For Two Group Of People.


==> Those that are already into the mobile marketing business but are not earning as much as they want.


==> The second group are people who want to become mobile marketing millionaire. 


If you are not earning enough already in this industry,



Now You Will Find Out



You Have Been too Busy Running The Wrong Business - BulkSMS Instead of Mobile Marketing. Am sorry if that sound too hash but that's the fact.



And you as a Beginner Who Really Want To Make It From this Niche 
==> Do you have the right background to build your mobile marketing empire to the top? 
==> Are you really equipped with the right tools needed to succeed in this industry?



At Last You Will Discover That Mobile Marketing Offers Much More Than You've Ever Think



See You can't ignore the statistics any more: mobile marketing is taking over every thing. Experts reveals that mobile is obviously going to be bigger than TV, radio, and personal computers put together. Just take a Look at the statistics below:



==> There are roughly 7 billion people in the world and we have about 6.8 billion mobile phones already.



==> Virtually every individual, organizations, corporate bodies are turning to mobile marketing for survival in the market place and they have budgeted millions of naira for mobile adverts.



==> Nigeria has 117 million Mobile phones. According to NCC that is more than 70% of the population.



==> Currently there are roughly 52 Million internet users in Nigeria and About Half Are Not Computer Literate and Access Internet Vis Mobile.



The Mobile Market Is Really Booming, So For You As A Motivated Person, Who Is Prepared To Equip Yourself With The Tools This Market Need, What I Will Handover To You Will Definitely Do Extra-Ordinatary For You:




----What I Will HandOver To You-----



==> An automated mobile marketing business that guarantees to generate huge income daily from bulksms, voiceCall, shortcode, caller tunes, mobile website, mobile apps etc.


==> Expansion of your product and service offerings from your computer desktop or laptop to the Mobile Web. 



==> How to easily build a large and responsive mobile list. Because money is in the list!



==> How to Increase patronage for your business brand and websites.


And So much more!



Frankly Speaking!



Mobile marketing is a very profitable business. But on a very realistic note, having setup your own bulksms website...How much have you been able to make with your bulksms portal? Be honest, that's if you have one already.



I can tell vividly! It's your ultimate desire to increase the earnings per month. But only wishes will never boost your income except you get into actionable steps to achieve that.



The Ultimate Law



If you do what other successful people do, over and over again, you will certainly get same rewards that they get. But if you don't do what successful people do nothing in this earth can help you.

Get The Right Mobile Marketing Tools Directly From The Source!



 As a wise person you don't need to start out on a hard rock, all you need is to Leverage on experts wealth of experience and grow your business fast.



 Now You Can Become All You Want In Life By Investing In This Business



See to achieve anything you have never achieved in life, you must learn and practice qualities and skills that you have never had before.



That's Why I Am Offering You.. 

Complete Mobile Marketing Secret Tool Kits.


  The experts in this industry will rather empty their pocket for you than to let you access to this secret.




I have deliberately decided to let the cat out of the bag for only 10 people that will act fast to profit Big time from this.



But You will promise me something;



You will keep this secret to yourself only and make your money from this niche. Will you?





 In A Step By Step, I Am Delibrately Showing You;



==> How to set up a premium caller tune at N0.00 while you charge N75,000 for it and pocket the whole cash



==> How to set up a premium shortcode for only N7,000 or less While you charge N80k +



==> How to set up a Shortcode SMS Betting system...and Many More!






 ***How to design mobile site & mobile Apps without coding: In this package am revealing to you all the Nuts and Bolts of developing mobile App & mobile sites from the scratch without ever writting single code and how to monetize it to generate enviable revenue for you. You will also learn how to get deep pocketed corporate organization to bend and write you heavy cheque to develop mobile App & mobile Site for them. You will not be doing anything serious to develop this Apps.



 **** You will Learn How to get highly categorized NationWide GSM numbers Sorted in Local Government for free.



 Now The Total Cost of buy the all packages above is N41,000 But I remember I promised to give you all the packages at the price of one.








*** Verified Personal Data Generator ***


 (This is one secret industry experts will never want you to know)



This software generates highly categorised personal data such as name, email, website, phone numbers, etc. from any location you want.



That's it at a glance! 


Time To Take Key Actio 


If you're absolutely ready to experience online success as a mobile marketing top player



I'll give you a lifetime access to use my whole mobile marketing secret for just...



N7,500 /Full Pack


You won't regret it!



I am confident that this very educational package and exclusive mobile monetization strategies and tools, will produce results like nothing you've experienced before!



Wait! That's Not All.


 I Will Make The Offer Even Sweeter By Adding The Following Extra Bonus



 => Guide to Facebook and Google Ads Ebook



==> Free Valid 500,000 Nigerian Emails and Bulk Mailer



==> Guide To Generate $100 weekly on fiverr.com



So what are you waiting for...



Follow These Simple Step To 'Place Your  Order Now'



RUSH, be among the Lucky 10 persons to get full package + exclusive bonus


                                                                                         You Can Make Payment Bank Account Below;






Go to any Ecobank Branch  and make a deposit of N7,500



Account Number: 4311008796



After payment Text your "Teller No + Amount Paid + Your Full Name As It is in the Teller + Your Phone Number" to 08102927978.



After your payment is confirmed, All the packages + BONUSES will be send to you within 2-3 hours.


                                                                                                      Money Back Guarante


If after going through these SPECIAL packages and you UNSATISFIED in any way, let us know and we’ll refund you every penny back. And you get to keep all the resources we give you as at that time. Now how’s that for confidence?


Your success is in your hands now. Make it happen. If you don’t someone will take your place.  And it will be your loss.



See you at the top!

Nnamani Matthew
Mobile Marketing PRO


P.S. If you ask me as industry expert, I will say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to discover the profitable strategies of mobile marketing. A business model that promises a long lasting income source whether you are working full time or part time.



P.S.S. You are sure of making a minimum income of N70,000 with the bonuses alone. You can't afford to open your eyes and let this pass your by.


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